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If you cannot find the serial number in any of the normal places, check underneath the piano. If that doesn't work, it is possible it is inside near the action. As it can get a little confusing with grand model type, please use the list below to determine your grand piano model, do this by matching the dimensions of. All you need is your serial number which on Kawai and Yamaha pianos as well as a lot of other piano brands is printed on the piano's metal frame. This can be. Kimball pianos sometimes have the serial number in a hard-to-find place stamped on the back edge of the keybed. This is looking from the tail end of the piano. Bechstein serial numbers. Carl Bechstein. NB Unlike all other makes, serial numbers on Bechsteins are the LAST ones used each year. On uprights, the number is.

The serial number on EVERETT VERTICAL PIANOS is stamped on the gold colored plate on the inside of the piano as illustrated in the vertical piano picture. Steinways are built to last not just for years, but for generations. Steinway has been building the world's finest pianos since This online serial. Piano serial numbers help to identify the age of your piano and the history surrounding its production. Run a free piano serial number search, here. Piano Serial Numbers. For piano information, click here. Organ Serial Numbers. For organ serial numbers, click here. © Charles Robison. Where is the serial number on a Pearl River piano? Note that virtually all serial numbers for Chickering grand pianos should be 5- or 6-digits; those with 4-digit serial numbers are only infrequently encountered. Model numbers rarely exceed 3 digits, whereas serial numbers are usually much bigger. Many makers use model numbers, and these may tell us several things about. Malicki Piano Service () Registered. The first number represents the year your piano was manufactured. The second number is the actual serial. The number is for the first piano made in year shown. There are times when your piano or number is not listed. We can help you find the year your piano was made. First open the top cover of the piano, the serial number is usually located on the cast iron plate, on the inner side of the cabinet on the right or left or on.

Welmar serial numbers · Year SN. – – – · – – – – · – – –. In the form below, select your brand and enter your serial number. (Serial number tracking is only available for acoustic pianos). Brands. Once you know the name brand of your piano, you will need to find the serial number. Step 1: The serial number is usually found on the plate of the piano. About this app. arrow_forward. You can easily find the year of construction for your piano by using the piano's serial number. Choose the brand name and type in. The serial number on YAMAHA VERTICAL PIANOS is stamped on the gold colored plate on the inside of the piano as illustrated in the vertical piano picture. serial-number-grand. On Steinway grand pianos the serial number can be found on the cast iron plate between the tuning pins above the keyboard. On an upright piano, you will find the model number on the right hand side of the frame, and the serial number is stamped on the frame around the middle of the. Almost all of them include the serial number on the plate in a small "window" near the tuning pins. The number will usually be a 4 to 7 digit number, but may. Simply enter your Yamaha piano serial number to find out when and where the Yamaha piano was made or look at the full listings of piano serial numbers.

Piano Serial Numbers - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Here is an list of quality piano makers and their serial numbers. The year () is followed by 'sn' which means serial number (). Where can I find the serial number? The black figures of the serial number are usually visible on the cast iron frame, next to the tuning pins. In early C. The serial number might be stamped somewhere else on the action. If not, have your piano technician pull the action out completely, put it safely on a piano. With the serial number of your piano we can determine its age. If you wish to find the current value of your used GROTRIAN please get in touch with the.

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